Dojo Accreditation

Kokusai Iaido Hozen Kyokai (KIHK) supports accredited dojo through certification and issuance of ranks and teaching titles in accordance with the Board of Trustees' bylaws. The Board's Committee on Examinations and Accreditation Standards (BCEAS) establishes requirements for rank and teaching titles.

KIHK dojo welcome newcomers and experienced students alike. Students with prior training experience are encouraged to bring their former instructors' letters of introduction and evidence of formal recognition/rank for consideration. Technical demonstrations and evaluations may also be required for those seeking transfer to KIHK membership, rank recognition, or teaching title recognition.

Member dojo are divided into three tiers: candidate status, provisional accreditation, and full accreditation. During the accreditation review process, the BCEAS will collect information on the candidate dojo's internal policies, business practices, issue a report to the dojo-cho featuring commendations and recommendations, and determine the dojos accreditation level.

    Fully Accredited Dojo are authorized to make rank recommendations according to the KIHK ranking policies and guidelines. The Head Instructor at the dojo must have a teaching title of Shidoin (Instructor) or Shihan (Master Instructor).

    A Fully Accredited Dojo must mentor Provisionally Accredited Dojo and approve any dan rank or teaching title recommendations until Full Accreditation criteria are met. The Head Instructor at the dojo will typically have a teaching title of Fuku Shidoin (Junior Instructor).

    Candidate Dojo are those with an application under review. They receive an initial evaluation by the BCEAS, determining the best path forward for the applicant dojo.

To apply for dojo accreditation, fill out the application below:

Dojo Accreditation Application