Board Leadership - Trustees, Emeritus Trustees, and Advisors

Board of Trustees

The Kokusai Iaido Hozen Kyokai is registered with the state of Iowa and recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit organization. Per state and federal law, the KIHK does not exist to generate a profit for owners, investors, or members. Its sole purpose is to preserve and promote the study of and communities that teach iaido with legitimate Japanese instructional lineages.

The Board of Trustees sets broad policy, serves as fiduciaries, and ensures the organization operates under generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and federal nonprofit laws.

Committees work to address ongoing operational matters and make recommendations to the Board of trustees, which are then voted upon to make decisions collaboratively. No individual trustee speaks on behalf of the organization or holds any institutional authority, except as approved by the Board. Instead, the voting process determines Board communication — and the vote itself is the ultimate authority.

Advisors and emeritus trustees receive all agendas and are welcome to attend Board meetings, offering their perspectives and advice in advance of any vote. They may also serve as advisors on matters of particular importance.


  • (President) C. Max Roach, Iowa USA
    Iaido 6th Dan, Kyoshi
    Aikido 4th Dan

  • (Vice President) Andrej Diamanstein, California USA
    Iaido 7th Dan, Kyoshi

  • (Secretary) Steve Zollinger, Utah USA
    Iaido 4th Dan
    Aikido 1st Dan

  • (Treasurer) Joseph Townsend, California USA

  • Isaac Pryka, California USA
    Iaido 6th Dan, Renshi

  • Michael Cimino-Hurt, Tenessee USA
    Iaido 4th Dan

  • Neal Estrella, Ecuador
    Iaido 2nd Dan


  • Philippe Sabatier, France
    Iaido 7th Dan, Kyoshi